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Ark + Dove

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Episode 4

This episode focuses on the Catholic Church’s historical role in the education of African Americans. Mother Mary Lange began a school “to teach children of color to read the Bible” in 1828. That school is now St. Frances Academy, and its principal, Deacon Curtis Turner, features prominently in this episode.



Edward Herrera
Louis Damani Jones
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Jay Lampart


The Ark and the Dove was written and produced by Edward Herrera and Jay Lampart with help from Louis Damani Jones. Editing and creative direction by Sara Perla. Theme, outro music and sound design by Jay Lampart. Additional music by Deitrick Goodwin and the St. Bernardine's Choir. Artwork by Tom Grillo.  Special thanks to Siobohn Hagan and Marmia, The Mid Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive.  Thank you to the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation and the Notre Dame IDEA Center for their early support. Most importantly, thanks Deacon Curtis Turner and the St. Frances Academy community.  The Ark and the Dove is a production of Balthasar Media.

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