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Ark + Dove

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Episode 1

What is the Black Catholic Church?  Since the very founding of the Christianity, Africans have played a vital role in shaping the Church.  How did the practice of faith change and become informed by the awful realities of slavery? 



Edward Herrera
Louis Damani Jones
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Jay Lampart


The Ark and the Dove was written and produced by Edward Herrera and Jay Lampart with help from Louis Damani Jones. Editing and creative direction by Sara Perla. Theme, outro music and sound design by Jay Lampart. Additional music by Deitrick Goodwin and the St. Bernardine's Choir.  Artwork by Tom Grillo. Special thanks to Siobohn Hagan and Marmia, The Mid Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive. To learn more, go to Thank you to Dr. Joanne Martin of the Great Blacks in Wax Museum, K. Albert Little of the Cordial Catholic Podcast for allowing the use of his audio, and the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation and Notre Dame IDEA Center for their early support.  Most importantly, thanks to the countless individuals willing to share their story for the making of this podcast. The Ark and the Dove is a production of Balthasar Media.

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